Concept, Script, Director and Animator: Stefan Vogt

12 episodes / approx. 3 minutes each
Technique: digital handdrawn animation
Format: 16:9 HD, available as DCP, ProRes422, mp4 file
Language: without dialogues
Completion: February 2017
Production: Lukas Thiele Filmproduktion, Berlin (Contact)
Coproducer: Studio Film Bilder, Stuttgart
Funded by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Hessische Filmförderung (now: HessenFilm und Medien GmbH), BKM


GOD IS COMING is an animated, coloured animation film series of 12 episodes and tells the story of a priest and his village.

Every sunday the priest tries once again to bring the people of his little village to the church service. No one appears. But that is not enough: the priest faces a hard challenge...

"A subtle series of 12 episodes about religion, faith and the (almost) salvation...told from only one perspective and with an animated stroke as main protagonist.


Episode 01 - Evolutio
Episode 04 - Rectus
Episode 08 - Fluctus
Episode 10 - Fractura
Episode 11 - Devotio
Episode 12 - Ictus

About the director STEFAN VOGT

Stefan Vogt was born in Trier, Germany. He left the town and never went back. Later on he studied Biology. Then he discovered that he is not ready to accept the strict rules of science: he wants to create his own world and rules. So he decided to study animation at the Academy of Arts and Design Kassel. Now he is living and working in Berlin - with his own rules.

Warum! / Why! (animated series, 2014)
Zusammen / Together (animated series, 2011)
Das Leben ist hart, wenn du auf dem Land wohnst / Life is hard when you live on the countryside (short film, 2011)
TRAILER of the series

Production company:

Postfach 540135
10042 Berlin
Tel. +49 175 87 92 98 2